Paypal Declined

There are a couple of threads on this but no definitive answer than relates to me so I will have to check again if anyone has sorted this.

My paypal standard, has started showing as “declined” on every Paypal order but the payment has always gone through. I havent changed anything on the site for at least a week so ruled that out. Would jut like to know if anyone else has this problem squared away, while I start to investgate further. I am in Uk.



What’s the payment info area in order detail showing you?

You might need to add some debugging/logging to the paypal callback to see what it’s returning to the cart… It should be receiving a specific DECLINE or FAILURE otherwise the order would just stay in the Open status… If it is in Decline status, then I’d assume that paypal responded with DECLINED.

You should log the pp_response array in the paypal callback area to see.

Thanks for reply, Started to compare cc and payment files from my other sites and also to debug but then realised the products it is happening on are the ones that I have 2 lines of text in the product name to highlight certain things.

i.e. “Product name blah blah

#ff0000”>Plain stock same day despatch as std


to indicate next day delivery as standard to customer etc.

Turns out this must be having an effect on the callback message/translation as only these products are affected, I have removed the html form all these products and now is OK.



Hmm… That’s odd. I would think that the cart would strip the tags from a product name before sending to a payment provider. I would image that most payment providers want only text, not mark up language. Actually, I don’t think I’d put markup in the Product field at all and let css handle the formatting on the various pages…

But good you found it… Maybe post a bug to the bugtracker that info being sent to a payment provider should have tags stripped before sending… A defensive move, but probably valid.

Weird one, will get in bug tracker.