Paypal Declined Payment Message Change

I use PayPal pro, which works really well with CS Cart here in the UK. I only have one niggle that I would love to iron out.

Currently when a customers card is declined the customers see’s the error message of “This transaction cannot be processed.” Now I can check the logs and see that in most cases it is a 15005 error, basically the bank declined the transaction. However that message is so generic that the customers are not really aware why it ‘cannot be processed’.

I have checked the languages and see that the text cannot be changed there, so I have checked the logs for the API call.

I see that “This transaction cannot be processed.” is the <LongMessage in the XML response, so I guess that is what is being displayed to the customer. In the same response I see a <ShortMessage which quotes “Processor Decline”. Although not perfect, that would give the customer an indication of what is going on.

Therefore my question is can I change the message on screen be appended somewhere to show ShortMessage : LongMessage (eg: Processor Decline: This transaction cannot be processed). If so what/where would I add it?

I have 4.0.3

Thanks in advance :)