paypal decline

Hi I am still using older version 1.3.4 or the one before major upgrade. I have used this one for years and works well. Recently when someone checks out and uses paypal, it comes up declined on backend and customer gets this on his invoiced that is emailed to him. The credit card virtual terminal paypal works fine and when I log on to paypal it is approved so then I need to go back to admin and changed to processed manually, The problem is is used to be automated and customers gets the proseesed email and everything is fine, but now we get emails saying how can I be declined and or did my payment go threw ect

there are a few threads (new) with similiar problems.

Not sure if it has been resolved. is and has been a great site for contractors but they are extremely fussy and are just now using the internet for taping tools. If something like this happens you will loose your customers for sure

It is a paypal problem and it has been around for a few days now. There is a very long thread about the problem on the paypal developers network.

I did email them about this and of coarse they said it was cart dev problem. I will check it out, but is any one gets this info please post results here