PayPal commerce platform


I am using paypal commerce platform within my marketplace.

However, is there anyway we can change the default behaviour of the processor when paying by card?
E.g highlight mandatory fields, allow for country change based on IP etc

Is this possible via cs-cart end

attched screenshot to share what im referring to, here we are default to the US. But the vast majority of our customers are not US based

And another point, we get the attached error message if customer wants to go direct to paypal. How can we reword this for this particular scenario to let the customer know they need to fill in their respective details first


Could you please contact us via Help Desk on this case?

Hi i dont have a support subscription currently

From a general perspective, i just wish to know if its able to modifed from developers or do we require paypal support on this

This response is from the PayPal side, so it is better to discuss this error with their support first in this case.