Paypal Buttons For Each Product As Different Payment Method

Hi everyone

I am quite in a lost as how I can create a page. or another payment tab (billing section at checkout)..

where depending on what product is being bought, a paypal button will be served.

This is for the purpose of getting subscriptions which automatically bill customers via paypal.

Currently we only have one product that is in subscription basis, so in that concept, I want to have this product ONLY have the extra payment tab with the paypal buttons.. .the other products stays with the default payment and won't see the paypal button. Like this :


what to do if a few products in the basket (with subscriptions and without)?

Thanks for your response.

As of for now, it is not a concern. Our product is somewhat not purchase-able with 2 or more. We sell seasonings. We offer a 4 pack seasoning and that is currently the best seller.

We just want to have that product it's own payment method + the default one. A payment tab (as shown in the image above) where they can subscribe.

The other product don't matter as of now. But really just want to set up that TAB where they can find paypal subscription button and is invisible to the other product.

Modification is required in this case. You can send request us. Thank you.

Hope the following 3rd party module will help you:

...set a Payment for specific product or category....