Paypal Auto Return.

Version 3.0.6 PayPal Standard as payment method.

We sell single items. ie 1 per listing.

Currently, if a buyer pays using PayPal standard, all is fine if they select 'Return to merchant'.

If a buyer decides to make further purchases but simply uses the back button then makes a second purchase, the entire record of their first purchase DISAPPEARS and the items go back into stock.

I am looking at using PayPal auto return but I am entirely unsure as to what url to use for the auto return to take the buyer back to.

I can create an html page with all the info PayPal requires but I can't see how my CS-Cart would 'know' the deal was done. Does CS-Cart somehow 'know' that PayPal has knocked on it's door saying, in effect, “The deal is done”.

I hope the above is much clearer than mud but I need to ensure I don't get repeats of earlier incidents.

One type of incident:

A buyer purchased and paid for an item then back buttoned to make a further purchase.

Shortly after another customer purchased and paid for the same item because CS-Cart

wasn't updated that the item was gone.

CS-Cart has stated in their documentation that PayPal Auto Return should be off (I don't know why).

I use this for Auto-Return URL:

Don't forget it should be HTTPS (secure).

I additionally added HTML blocks to the Order Landing page with custom “thank you” message and exclusive offers for registered customers.

I don't experience the behavior you are describing at all in v3.

You can easily visit your order landing page by placing an order and choosing one of the offline payment methods (like check or money order).

Thanks MD.

I may have to leave it as is for a while.

I need to have a second PayPal account or my ebay customers will

end up on my CS-Cart landing page.

When I can figure it out I will add an html block to make landing a

general thanks with escape links.