Paypal and shipping tax problem


I’ve been stuck for a long time searching around this problem :

  • In my CS-Cart Store I have a product which cost for example 100 euros
  • Shipping cost is 10 euros
  • General Tax is 20%

    When on paypal, total cost should be : product cost + shipping cost + product tax + shipping tax so in this example :

    100 + 10 + 20 + 2 = 132

    Everything is ok on the total on the store, same in the store’s email, but when on paypal here’s the problem :

    Total is 130 so it doesn’t apply shipping tax.

    I’ve created a delivery mode, applied tax on it. Everything is ok on the store but not on paypal.

    May some one help please ?

Found your post searching for a solution for this issue.

Coded a solution myself and it works for us, because we do not use shipping coupons, shipping discounts or free shipping.

In payments/cc_processors/paypal.php


$paypal_total = fn_format_price($order_info['total'] - fn_order_shipping_cost($order_info));

$paypal_shipping = fn_order_shipping_cost($order_info);


$paypal_total = fn_format_price($order_info['total'] - fn_order_shipping_cost($order_info));

$paypal_shipping = $order_info['total'] - $order_info['subtotal'];

Be sure to check the function fn_order_shipping_cost in core/fn_cart.php if you use shipping coupons, shipping discounts or free shipping because then our solution will not work for you.