Paypal and CS-CART

I was unsure if there was a specific document/area, however I was hoping someone may be able to help me…

I am trying to figure out how to go about setting up the Paypal account for CS-CART.

I already set up the Business Account through paypal, however where do I go from here and how do I get an “Account Number” for the Configure screen under Payment methods…

A step-by-step would be awesome, if not, where can I find information pertaining to his??

thank you so much!!!

Its been a long time, so i don’t remember all the steps (but it was easy)

just search “paypal setup”, there are a couple threads pertaining to this.

Even though setup hasn’t changed much, check your version number against what you read.


For PayPal your “Account Number” is the email addy that you used to set up the PayPal account.