PayPal Advanced.. available to select but no KB article!

CS-Cart V4.0.3 shows Paypal advanced can be used, but there isn't any documentation on how to configure it? I tried following the paypal PRO knowledgebase article but it's asking for info that paypal doesn't show on the API screen. Is there a secret KB article somewhere for setting up Paypal advanced in V4?

What good is offering PayPal Advanced as a payment choice when you don't offer any support on how to configure it since it's not auto configure as a PayPal partner.

All the info you should need is in your PayPal merchant account. You may need to contact your PayPal manager depending on which country you're based in.

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All the info you should need is in your PayPal merchant account. You may need to contact your PayPal manager depending on which country you're based in.


Not so but thanks for the reply. PayPal doesn't do squat with the configuration settings in CS-Cart. I have the paypal settings, but there are config options that provide no guidance on what should be selected. And your answer misses the main point… there are KB articles for regular PayPal, for PayPal Pro, PayPal express… everything but Advanced. I've event looked at KB articles from other carts, like X-Cart… good article, but of course it won't cover the CS-Cart config options.

Not sure I follow why you think the X-Cart options relating to PayPal advanced are any different to those for CS-Cart.

Which options is it that you're having trouble with?

Here's the link to the x-cart help file (but why should I have to go to X-Cart to get help files when I have CS-Cart?) look at the settings screen and then look at the setting in your cs-cart for paypal advanced.

[url=“X-Cart:Adjusting PayPal Configuration Settings in X-Cart - X-Cart 4 Classic”]X-Cart:Adjusting PayPal Configuration Settings in X-Cart - X-Cart 4 Classic

I'm not a moron when it comes to computers and CS-Cart, but it would be nice to have a guide for setting up Advanced when they have guides for all the other paypal offerings and they don't use the same configuration.

Based on your responses, you would think I was asking for something that is unreasonable. Why is that? They include the feature but provide no guidance on how to configure it… What an unreasonable expectation that there would a KB article for it.

I don't think you're asking for anything unreasonable at all but there are lots of parts of CS Cart that are far more complex/widely used that don't have KB articles so I wouldn't expect it to be a top priority for them.

In the ideal world there would be a document for every single feature but we don't live in an ideal world and I've used shopping carts costing several times more than CS Cart that have much less documentation.

As for the setup I still don't understand which part you're requesting help with. The X-Cart fields are a direct correlation to the CS Cart ones as I would expect given that the product they interface to is the same.

You may be better requesting help via the Help Desk as the lack of responses to this thread show that very few, if any, people are using Paypal Advanced.

Yea… and I'm not going to be one of them either… I'll stick with my regular Web payments standard. Thanks for trying!