Payment Taking 25 Seconds Or Longer To Complete With Paypal Pro

Hi, we are currently running 4.0.3 (soon to upgrade to the latest version) and recently we noticed that payments to Paypal are VERY slow.

We use Paypal Pro for credit card processing as well as the Express Checkout. If a customer pays by credit card, they wait on average around 25 seconds for payment to complete. Recently, we had a sale and the problem was worse; roughly 10 incomplete orders for every successful one.

I have been in touch with our hosting provider, our server is fine - its a dedicated box with 16gb of ram only running the one website. I even contacted Paypal and they cannot see an issue.

So, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem during busy times? I'm really hoping the problem will go away when we upgrade, as I don't want to think about how many sales and customers I have lost.

do other payment methods complete in normal time? Or does this apply to just payPal? Reason I ask is that it could be a timeout issue with your SMTP mail service versus an issue with payPal?

The order process uses many different services so finding out which is the one causing delay can be difficult. It would sure help if there was logging that could be turned on/off for these type of diagnostics.

Thanks Tony, we actually use Paypal for everything; a payment processor for Credit Card and the regular PP Express.

I'm surprised a log cannot be accessed for PP transactions, I know you can enable one in Woocommerce and it shows the full history of a transaction.