Payment processor response parsing?

I need to add information to the screen that displays after the payment processor has redirected back to CS-Cart (and in the invoice) but I can’t for the life of me find where the payment response is being parsed.

There doesn’t even seem to be a .tpl file with the same name as the processor (netbanx.php) that’s being used.

This may be a simple question, but I was more or less thrown into this and expected to get it working right away.


So I think I see where the processor is redirecting to, but I don't know how to access their response XML document.

I've print_r'd $_RESPONSE but don't see the XML that I'm supposed to get back.

So I'm finally getting a response from the payment processor.

It's an XML response, and going to a custom file to handle that.

I'm wondering how I can get fields from the XML response to display in the invoice page?

Thank you.

So I see the hooks to put content where I need it to show up, but how do I pass data from my payment processor script to a TPL file?

I was thinking about creating a TPL file in addons/my_changes/hooks/, and pass the data from the processor to the template file. Just not sure how to do this.

hey hindey19 did you get it to work? i hv the same problems

does anyone know it? thanks

Usually the response from a processor is asynchronous so you can't display the response in an active page. You can capture some of the payment response values and display them AFTER the processor has responded and in a new page. But because it is asynchronous, the response could range from immediate to a long time after the initial request.

The client sees the summary page AFTER the request is made, not after the response is received.