Payment methods: Authorize and Capture vs. Authorize Only

I am using as a gateway for my credit card payments. My problem is that when I have to refund a customer for whatever reason (whether the item is out of stock or it looks like a fraudulent credit card payment) then I am still getting charged by the Merchant Services Provider.

So I would like to change my setup so that I charge my customers when I am shipping their order rather than when they place their order online. Is this easy to do with cs-cart? Currently the Transaction Type is set to 'Authorize and Capture'. If I set this to 'Authorize Only', will this authorize the payment, but not charge the card until I tell it to via

It is really annoying that I am getting charged for orders that I am immediately canceling and refunding. I don't think that PayPal charge in this instance – does anyone have any experience or advice with this stuff?



Yes it will. You will then have to go to Anet and “capture” the payment or use an addon that supports capture, void, refund, etc.

Thanks tbirnseth, that is really helpful to know!

We offer a Payment Capture addon for V2 that supports capture prior auth, auth/capture, void, refund, etc. for But not enough volume to move it forward to V3/V4.