Payment Methods - 'Add To My Credit Account' etc.

I have attempted to search the forum for this issue but cannot find obvious thread/topic.

My company offers 'Credit Accounts' which are handled 'offline'. There is no intention at this time of putting the accounts online.

What I hoped to achieve was a payment method/option at checkout of 'Add To My Credit/Budget Account' - this would be processed as a standard order but the data would be processed offline against the customers credit account on our local system. I am capturing data at registration which will identify the purchaser against their credit account.

An extremely useful alternative to the above would be the additional option of submitting the 'order' with all options, values etc. but as an 'Apply For Credit Account' so that we can record and process the initial new order (new customer) but contact them 'offline' to arrange the credit account acceptance / refusal process.

If there is a plugin or module / add-on somewhere out there I would be very glad to hear!

Create a User Group for 'Credit Accounts' - allow customers to register for a Credit Account, once approved, only then can use the new payment method you create to 'My Credit Account'. This payment method should be created and only allowed by the 'Credit Accounts' group.


Again, your response is quick!

That's good - I get it! I can see how that would work - I will now look into how to create the 'payment method'

Many thanks…