Payment Method Is Not Avaible For A Language


My website has two languages. I have installed an oddon for payment integration. After that I got that payment method listed for one language (the default English), but when I switch to the other language I got a message says "Payment Method is not Available" ..

Any advise please

Which payment method?

Which payment method?

Hi .. Many thanks .. I solved the problem :)

Could you please tell what was the reason for such behavior? It should help many newbies if they face with the similar issue.

Hi ..

Actually I am not sure as I am new to CS-Cart .. But what I did is adding the payment method manually for the other language; This caused creating a repeated payment method under the main language English, so i deleted to added one and tried to configure it manually ..

if i am not helping as I new :|

Not quite following since I don't know how to add a payment method to a language. Usually a payment method will have it's own language variables to support other translations. Any chance you can provide the steps you took?