Payment method based on a destination


How do I enable a payment method to be available only for a certain country.For example, I would enable the COD method but obviously I would like this to be available only when the Billing & Shipping address is from my Home country and not worldwide.

Is there any setting or Code or Custom Mod for this ? Pls help me as I am not able to find this in the 2.0 beta (after waiting for a long time for this to come out)

I dont know what CS means officially but CS-cart should stand for Comprehensive Shopping - Cart. Really impressed. I have just used the Trial version.But I hope it impresses me even in the future as sometimes upgrades can lose track from building upon the original version.



Hi Jain,

It is possible to enable a payment method so that it is available only for a certain country by using “Localizations”.

However, this functionality is not fully developed. We are still working on it.