Payment made on website but not received on Paypal

So I have my website set up so the only way of paying is paypal. When the customer checks out it takes them to the paypal website and everything as usual, the problem is that I did not get the payment on PayPal! On the Admin area it says that the payment was made and everything, I don’t know if Cs-Cart takes a little longer to make the payment or what but this is worrying me specially because I notice this after I sent the package!

If PayPal received the payment the order should have a status of “Processed” and there should be details suchs as transaction number, status from PayPal in the order page.

I attached a screenshot of what I got.



I think the order did not process. I received a Paypal order in the Open status, but it has more information then you have. I have this on the invoice:

Method: PayPal

Order status: Open

Transaction ID: 12345678900E

Customer email:

Client ID: X456TY897549U

I have another problem. The status remained opened even after PayPal communicated to the cart, a week later, that an echeck payment cleared.

Does not look like you have an echeck payment because you are missing all the other information. You should also see the pending payment in your PayPal Account.

The customer may not have completed the process.


[quote name=‘joelstitch’]I attached a screenshot of what I got.[/QUOTE]

That is an incomplete order. This is what you would see on an order that was paid for.


Orders – View orders - Administration panel_1293141069275.jpg

Notice the order status is “Open”. This means either 1) The customer went to PayPal but did not complete the order, OR 2) The customer paid using an eCheck. If an eCheck was used, PayPal would show that and you’d need to wait for the payment to clear and then complete the order manually.

I get several of these “Open” PayPal orders each week.

Test it out yourself… fill your cart, then click the option to pay at PayPal. The order is generated at that point with an Open status. The order status changes to Processed after the payment is completed.

i had an open order payment as well on the 22nd dec. looked on paypal and it seemed to be a instant payment and couldn’t see anything about echecks. also received a normal payment just half an hour later with no problem. may be just a glitch on paypal but i’m sure when i’ve had echecks bfor theve just shown up as normal processed orders. Will just have to keep an eye on it.


I have had the same thing happen recently. I thought two people had paid by eCheck, but I went to check the order and it was paid instantly.

This is either PayPal or CS-Cart.

Any thoughts?


Given the data in the OP’s order, it would appear that a callback to cs-cart was never done from paypal. Note that paypal standard required the customer to click a link to return to the store. This is where the success/failure or pending status of the payment is delivered back to cs-cart. For e-checks, there is an additional callback made when the payment clears.

Have you checked the url in PayPal payment setup. In PayPal express I came across this problem, and had to add the full http://www.domainname.xx url for the return to CS Card to work.

I would recommend PP express to standard PP, as clients can mess the completion up by not clicking the return to button.

paypal express requires a user to have a paypal account where standard allows them to pay with a credit card without a paypal account. A distinct advantage to paypal standard.

For the question about PayPal showing payment but the shopping cart still showing the order status as ‘Open’, I have only had this happen only a couple of times in many thousands of orders. I think it would most likely be a problem with PayPal not being able to communicate back to your server for whatever reason.