Payment Gateways. Please clarify the process!

Hi All

Can someone crarify the payment model system in CS.

I want to use a ReviRed link-up. If I use standard CS 2.1.1 not multi client version, the configuration panel asks for 3 pieces of info to add in, terminal, password, account name.

So as I understand it, does the payment process occur at the bank end, and the client gets passed back to the Cart/payment completed page.

If this is so, why is there such a huge servired.php file required? The processing is not done inside CS.

Is it because there a facilty in CS to do actual payment process inside CS itself?

Or is it because CS has the option to ‘store’ client card details, thus pass that info across the gateway, for still off site processing.

I really need to see how it works, as it might be required to build a custom module for anther bank system not included in the modules.

Hi alamar, first of all, cs cart doens’t store any card dettails for servired payment gateway, the huge code is necessary in order for the bank to verify autenticity and the data regarding order total, order number, what response to give cs cart when the client makes the payement (failiure, succes, etc. etc.)

All that code is needed, but the shop owner does not have access to credit card details, the payment is done exclusively trough the bank, in the bank page.