Payment Gateway Question ?

Hi All

I don’t suppose anyone has come across a script that would allow certain only certain payments gateways to certain countries.

By this I mean, and as an example, PayPal is not accepted in all countries; however, other payment gateways like ChronoPay do allow such payment. What I would love is to be able to offer is to channel payments from those countries using ChronoPay- only without showing the PayPal option.

The reason for this is a simple one, I have had 6 customers in the past week that had the two options displayed in front of them and chose the wrong one. Because they were new to using online payments (yes I know? :confused: ) they did not want to purchase again until they were sure the PayPal payment had not gone through (and I am still waiting)

Yes I could put some text above the payment option but it would look better not showing the option depending on country.

Any help would be very much received.