Payleap gateway/ merchant account and cresecure


Has anyone integrated Payleap gateway/merchant account? Payleap is not in the cs-cart gateway list.

Anyone try CREsecure with cs-cart?


Nope not yet.

Someone with programming skills should visit here to see if the API is easy enough they could just add it.


Good luck!


I may try Payleap. I think BigCommerce uses them. They have a package deal with CreSecure. Payleap is a gateway and also functions as the merchant bank.

CS-Cart does have a built in CreSecure connection (API) with payment methods. I wanted to know if anyone tried it yet.

PayLeap and a few others also have applications to integrate with QuickBooks, so I can do manual processing of phone orders without saving any CC info in QuickBooks or my desktop.

I want to eliminate all saving of Credit cards both in CS-Cart and on home PC’s. This looks like one solution. PayPal Pro with CreSecure may also be a viable solution.

I’d rather pay more than have to worry as much about PCI compliance, especially if standards keep changing.


I looked at BigCommerce and tested it. It’s expensive when you start putting a lot of items up on your store.

Also if you check the forums when they have upgrades you select to do them or not and it takes a while to have the updates made which is by them or an automated system and it in many cases breaks the store.

Some on the forums were down from multiple days to many weeks with no help from BigCommerce.

Not flexible enough and you don’t have any real control. And you are limited to the add-ons that are available.

I contacted a developer and BigCommerce twice to have once small custom tweak and the developer eventually ignored me and BigCommerce said they couldn’t do it.

Depends on you and your needs. I think BigCommerce is a good cookie cutter solution that is hosted. using the Interspire ecommerce software even though they really are not yet interlinked.

If you are scared or worried about PCI compliance you shouldn’t be. Check out this:[URL][/URL] and this: [URL]For enterprises | Qualys

Good luck!