PayFlow Pro Settings

Does anyone use PayFlow Pro here?

I have set this up and can not get it to work. I found an old post from 2007 but it is for an older version of CS-Cart.

I need clarification on what the following correspond to in PayFlow:

In the Configure Payment section of Administation.

This is the PayFlow Configure screen:

Username: [confused on this one]

Password:[assume it is my PayFlow Admin Password]

Vendor: [confused on this one]

Partner: [I believe this is PayPal]

Order Prefix: [Understood]

Server: US or Austrailia [using US]

Test/Live: [on Live]

I have run a number of test credit card purchases Live and get a PayPal Error 5 Code: Invalid merchant information response in my Logs and the order comes back FAILED.

Any advice would be most appreciated!

Thank you in advance.



CS-Cart 2.0.12

Anyone? :confused:

Did you manage this? I’m in the same boat :(