Pay With Two Different Credit Cards

This doesn't happen too often, but is has twice now so I thought I would ask. We sell some high end products that range from $1500 - $15000 ... on two occasions the customer has asked to us to use two credit cards, spreading the balance out on each card.

Is there a way to do this via Cs-Cart?

What I did was create one invoice for the product at half price, and another for the other half, which created two invoices and confused the customer a bit ... I'm thinking there's a better way ... anyone have an idea?

Oh, these two orders were phoned in and entered in by us ...

Not in standard cart. However, VISA made this a requirement long ago so people could use multiple gift cards and credit cards when limits are reached.

It is complicated to do this because most merchant account providers don't really support it either. When someone submits a payment request, the 'amount' is either approved or declined. They don't return any kind of 'available balance'. IMHO, this would be a huge privacy concern anyway.

So short answer is no. You could develop a custom payment method that would allow for multiple transactions to complete the order payment process.