Pay & read payments return as failed


I'm setting up my payment methods and have added credit card payment

using Pay & Read processor.

Everything is setup on the payment processor side and it looks good.

BUT all payments are returned as failed.

The customer gets returned to the checkout page, and the order is listed as failed in admin.

When I login to the payment processor the transaction is ok.

Any idea what's wrong ?

How can I find out where it fails to report back a successful transaction to CS-Cart ?

Any help is appreciated.

Anyone a similar issue ?

How can I troubleshoot this ?

How can I see what gets returned from any payment processor ?

If this is an offsite provider (I.e. the buyer is taken to a different site) then it is expected that the provider will “callback” cs-cart with the proper info to indicate that the payment succeeded.

So first verify that the callback URL configured at your payment provider for your cart is correct.

2nd you could add some instrumentation to the callback page to see if it's actually getting called.

3rd you can check if the response received is what it's expecting.

Your payment provider should be able to tell you about errors they might see on their end from attempting the callback.

This issue is now fixed. Solution in the Bug Tracker: [url=“”][/url]