pay per view

I’m running v1.3.4-sp3

I work for a digital media company. We are trying to create a pay-per-view feature inside cs-cart dealing with video.

We would like to create a feature in which a user pays a fee to view a video. This video only is viewable with in a time period (24 hours), then expires.

In a sense, this would be a rental fee, as the user would not get to own the video for an extended period of time.

To my knowledge, cs-cart allows electronically distributed files. However, this allows the user to download the video and keep on their harddrive for as long as they want.

We do not want this, we want them only to be able to view the video for 24 hours.

Does anyone have any ideas? I suspect this question goes far beyond the confines of cs-cart.

Either way, all help appreciated.