Patch Your Store With Cs-Cart 4.3.10


Meet a new patch in the CS-Cart 4.3.x branch—CS-Cart 4.3.10!

As it’s a patch, that means it only fixes issues in the previous version. So no new features here—the upgrade is safe for your store’s current functionality.

We’ve fixed four serious issues found by you guys, our dear customers. Thank you for your reports!

The upgrade fixes eBay Synchronization, PayPal Express Checkout, admin privileges, and the Store Locator add-on.

How to upgrade: If you have an active upgrade subscription or purchased the license less than a year ago, check the Administration → Upgrade center page in your admin panel. You’ll see the available upgrade there within a week.

How to install CS-Cart 4.3.10 from scratch: Get the installation package, install, and test CS-Cart for 30 days for free. To continue using CS-Cart after the trial period, buy the license.


Great news! Thank you

Good news, looking to check it.

When will store import be available for this version?

Is there a rough estimate as to when 5.0 would be out? I know it's a long shot but would be nice to have some idea!