Passwording CMS pages

Hi, in cs-cart there is a “my Account” page in which you have to verify your username and password to view it.

what would be a great idea is to be able to create a new content page in the content management system (CMS) and be able to click a box that says “password protect this page” (or similar) and specify which user has access to that page… this in tern will add use the username specified to add a link to this page under there “my account”.

the reason is if i want to give my retailers information that applies directly to them and will change between retailers.

I have been looking at the profiles.php to see how its authenticated however i dont knw how to link to it using the target= bit.

Any help on this would be great.


It’s possible to assign membership levels for topics. Just create membership, lets say “Retailers”, assign it to customers you need. Then create topic, assign “Retailers” membership to it and create pages under this topic.

Hope, it’s clear :slight_smile:

Thats Brilliant thankyou! What i have done is create a new membersip group for each retailer. And then a new topic for each retailer. e.g “Bgm members page” will only be accessable by the member “BGM”

my only problem is that when you go to the profiles page it says “Signup for membership” and there is a list of every membership group (retailer) i have set up… which i definately dont want!

Any help onthis would be great… Thanks


You can remove the ability for customers to select membership level. Open template file ‘./skins/CUSTOMER_SKIN/customer/profiles_pages/profiles_account.tpl’ and remove this code:


{if $memberships}


{foreach from=$memberships item=membership}