Password Recovery Emails Not Arriving...?

I've been told that customers trying to recover/reset their passwords are not receiving emails.

I've tested the password recovery function and even though the website shows a message saying the email has been sent - none seem to arrive. (If I modify an account manually from the admin section and tick 'Notify User' an email is sent and received correctly.)

Any ideas....??


Apologies for thread necromancy but answering this since its #1 in google for this issue.

Recently had same issue. After investigating noted that the default email for password recovery is set via "User department e-mail address:"

If this email setting is not defined then the password recovery feature will fail silently and not be logged. The user will still receive a pop up notification saying they should await an email.

To correct:

Go to Settings -> Company

Ensure "User department e-mail address:" setting has an email entered.