Passing variables in include files

okay so I am doing a custom hook for a new header and I want to add cart and account drop down to this new header hook. I know how to include the files but what I dont know how to do is to pass the variables to the includes. For example how to pass the variables show the buttons and show thumbnails on the minicart. Lastly I did this before (without the variables) but the issue was when I add something to the cart the cart doesnt update to show without reloading the page. Anyone can help I would appreciate it in addition I am willing to pay for some service.

an example of what I am doing is putting {include file=“blocks/cart_content.tpl” } and I need to know how to pass the variables like show bottom buttoms and show delete icons and so on. I tried a few things but to know avail.

I posted this in another forum but couldnt move it so I figured this was a better forum for this question.