Parsererror When Clicking On Product Features


The website seems to have problem , only started to happen 2 days ago – http://www.artembody…ar/swim-briefs/

When I try to choose a Brand (top right corner) – goes nowhere – got this message - You have no default location!

When I try to choose sizes… on the right I get this:

ErrorOops, something went wrong (parsererror). Please try again

I checked Error.log file, this are the latest errors:

[Tue Mar 18 13:07:48 2014] [error] [client] PHP Warning: mysqli_errno() [function.mysqli-errno]: Couldn't fetch cmysqli in /home/sites/site41915/web/shop/core/db/mysqli.php on line 155

CS CART 3, 2 stores possible.




Please check the following topic:

Hi Thanks for reply

I have checked. Not sure about what I have to create in Blocks page…

The shop was perfectly working for over 6 months now… Nothing was changed in the last week by me…

I do have default location in Blocks. Where exactly in blocks I have to look, add?

What about parsererror? It is nothing to do with the blocks - just product features…


The parse error is caused by the same issue. Please try to click right mouse button on the “Andrew Cristian” brand and select the “Open in new tab” menu item. You will see the “You have no default location!” message.

Try to open the Design->Blocks page and click on the “Default” label. Make sure that the “Default” checkbox is selected for this location.



This is how my Default Block looks like. Default was ticked…


This issue requires detailed examination. If you are ready to provide us with the temporary FTP access, contact me via PM or directly from the