Parse Error on Abandoned/Live Carts

I frequently go to Customers>Abandonded/Live Carts in my store’s admin to see what people are putting in their carts. To see the carts for today, I sort by date by clicking on the word Date at the top of that column. This brings the most recent carts to the top. However, when I do that today, it keeps saying:

[color=#9C3535][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]

Error[/font][/color][color=#9C3535][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]

Oops, something went wrong (parsererror). Please try again.[/font][/color]

Anyone have any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it?

I do this all the time also … Sorry its not working right for you now (I just checked mine and it is okay).

Are the results still coming up and the message is just a notice at the top of your screen…or are you getting no results when clicking the 'DATE' header?

Was your PHP version updated overnight on your webhost server?

Thanks for the suggestions Tim. PHP hasn't been updated.

Actually, I'm on a different computer now and it's working, so maybe it was just an issue with that browser/OS configuration.

When I click to sort by date, nothing changes and I get one of those notices at the top of the screen with the error message quoted above.