Paid order notifications not sent automatically

On Cs-cart 4.15.1 all important order notifications for both order department and customers are turned on.
When I make a successful order using real-time payment processors, there is no notification sent automatically. The notifications are only sent when I manually change the status of the order, for example, if I change from paid to complete. Is this how it’s supposed to work or am I missing something here?
I thought when a customer successfully pays using a real-time payment processor such as Stripe, Paypal, etc the status ‘Paid’ is triggered and a notification is automatically sent.


Could you please specify which processor is used in the payment method, that causes such an issue?

Thanks for responding to this on short notice.
I am using Flutterwave payment gateway. Their GitHub repo can be viewed here GitHub - Flutterwave/rave-cs-cart: Rave by Flutterwave official CS-Cart Plugin

Thanks for the reply.

Seems like the issue is in the third party payment itself. Try to replace the following line:

                fn_finish_payment($order_id, $pp_response, false);

with this one:

                fn_finish_payment($order_id, $pp_response);

If you wish, you can create a pull request to the author of this payment method with these changes.

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Unfortunately this did not help resolve the issue. I replaced the code as advised but the notifications, “payment was cancelled by customer” followed by “payment was successful” are still happening after an order has been placed :thinking:

Try to add





Thanks for jumoing in. On which line?

Do you mean on the last line 223?

Happy to report that your solution worked. Thank you so much, ecomlabs!

We were glad to help you!