Paid CS Cart Consultant

Hello all we have had CS-Cart for a few years now but haven’t done much with it as our main business is IT repairs and servicing. We don’t have the time to get things exactely how we want it but are interested in having a sort of CS Cart consultant to help us with further developing the site.

We don’t need someone who knows every in and out of the software just someone who has a good knowledge of CS-Cart and functionality. I know there is CS-Cart support who are very helpful but we are after a more of an on-going relationship with someone who can assist us with ideas and implementation for the site. For the moment we are quite happy with the design of the site it’s more the functionality i.e. configuring SEO add on, editing the checkout and payment process pages, and other features that you may be using in CS Cart to drive traffice and sales.

Thank you.

Should probably be in the Third Party Services forum… I have PM’d you with some info.

Thanks for that wasn’t too sure, all the best.