Pagination Vanished After Update In Admin And User Areas

Yesterday I updated cs-cart from v4.1.3 to v4.1.4. The update said it was successful. Afterward, I noticed the pagination is gone/vanished.

In the admin side of the store, if do an advanced search in a category that has 162 products, I can only see results for the first 10 products. The additional page buttons are missing. The product counts (Total items: 162) has vanished. And the selection to choose the number of items per page has vanished.

In the front side of the store, users can select the number of items per page, but if there is still no pagination buttons if they are you viewing a category with more items than the ‘items per page setting’.

Does anybody know how to troubleshoot this?

Found a solution. I manually updated 'fn.common.php' file.

I replaced this:

'app/functions/fn.common.php' with the 'fn.common.php'

with the one I found here:


I am not sure why it didn't get updated correclty from the update procedure.