Pages Loading Without Graphics

We have been having problems with our website crashing so I submitted a support ticket to our webhost. They indicated they…" have increased the memory limit for your account from 18MB to 64MB in the PHP interface. I’ve also updated the necessary variables in the php.ini file in order to increase the speed of the site. Currently, the website is loading fine. I’ve tested it in different intervals of times in different browsers and computers. Please clear your browser cache and cookies and check it again from your end."

So I went to the website and it is now loading without any graphics!!!

Has anyone seen this?

What should I be looking at to fix it?




The site is loading fine for me, albeit a little slow.

Loading fine with all the graphics here also

css…clear your browser cache and your site again, www.yoursitedotcom.youradmin.php?&cc


Thanks for the responses. The webhosted reverted their changes by restoring the back-ups. Still do not knopw what they did to cause the problem though. Anyhow, it is back up.