Pages and Sidebox

I set up a special sidebox to list certain pages for my people that will only show when they log in. I only want the pages to show in this sidebox that I set up. I used to be able to just make the page hidden then list it to show in the sidebox. With the new version of cs-cart, that will then make the page not show anywhere.

Anyone have any idea how to make the page show only in my sidebox and not also in the root information sidebox?

I appreciate your help.

Have you tried using the “Banners” add-on? It sounds like it would work great for what you are trying to do. Then you just add the banner to the sidebox in design view.

Change the ‘filling’ in the standard sidebox to “manually” - you can then specify exactly which pages appear in the sidebox. This will allow you to create different sideboxes each with exclusive links.