Page with custom column width?

I’ve been trying to think of ways to set custom column widths on custom Pages. I need a larger right side column for some pages. I tried using an html box with a div and styling it but it is inserted within the default right side column which is 171px for my template

My other idea was to have no columns displayed on any pages add a custom block that had 3 divs styled so I can set my own size columns and content area per page as needed.

Another thought was to manually code html pages that included the prepare and init.php similar to creating custom wordpress pages that allow you to use wordpress functions outside wp folders. I’m just not just if thats possible with smarty. The way wordpress lets you upload a custom page template and select it from a drop down for page styling is really great and would be nice for cs-cart to do something similar to give us a little more customization capability.

What are you suggestions on setting a custom column width on specific pages?