Page Title Not Showing Properly


i am having problem with the page title. it only show my web url instead of my company/store name.

this only happens on the main page.

other category page show the category name which i assume it is correct.

please help.



May i know your website URL and check the issue?


here is my store address :


Please follow video [url=“Change Homepage Title, Meta Description & Keywords on CS-Cart 4”][/url], will help you to change the homepage title, maybe hi is missing ;)

I hope that helps,


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Sorry, I did not check the Vali's video, but the home page title can be changed here:

Design → Layouts → Homepage → Gear icon near the Homepage tab name → Page title field

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here is my store address :



Thankyou for shared the you website URL based on my request.

You can change the website Homepage web title from Homepage block location. Please let me know if have any more questions.

thanks guys.

i've changed the page title under the homepage block .

You are welcome!

Thank you! Helped me, too!