Page Not Found In Storefront After Moving Site To A New Server

After moving the site to a new server, I can access the backend but not the frontend. I have cleared the cache with ?cc on the backend but I get the 404 page in the storefront. What else should I do? Thanks.

We are using v3.0.4 Ultimate.

Probably something simple (but may be hard to find) in your .htaccess file and/or your SEO addon.

So you're saying you can get to but you can't get to

Maybe you could post the front-end URL that's giving you problems.

That is correct.

The 404 is coming from /httpdocs/skins/basic/customer/exception.tpl. Now I need to find out why it is not going to stores/2/skins/basic/customer/.

Did you change the Store-front URL on the Stores > Stores page in the admin panel?

And do not forget to clear cache :)

Ditto on the clear the cache.

Checked the storefront URL and cleared cache but no success. I had to revert to the old server. It could have been a conflict with v3.0.4 and PHP 5.4.

I doubt v3 will work with PHP 5.4. But your host should be able to provide a 5.3 version of PHP that you can use from an htaccess setting.