Page insights - button accessibility name

My main comptetitor has 100% in page accessibility score whilst I only have 55% but win in other metrics. How would I find and an a accessiblity name to the (unitheme) buttons in attached image?

I think this is something you should contact Unitheme support about, they’re more competent regarding this theme than anyone in this forum.

Default theme has same issue but not that bad of score.

Yes I figured how to find and fix would be generic process, possibly slightly different path or maybe same path (responsive path). and I imagine the fix is a bit like putting text in a href tag (so you hyperlinked words not a link). But that is as much as I can guess.

Rather than be referred to a developer who doesnt do freebies (which is fair enough and not a dig), is why I am on the forum and not his inbox.

Yep. Some kind of alt text would be my guess.