Page for selected users with password


I need to set up a page for a selected number of clients. The information on this page should be accessible only to them. How can I create a new page protected by username and password (only to access this page, not a whole web-store).

Thank you for the help.


You can set up a user group then apply the users to that user group. The set up a category/page and have this also to be only seen by the user group you have chosen in the first step. Then when they log in, only they can see that user group

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation


Thank you John. I have followed your instructions and it works.

Two other things…

  1. I have also created a top menu tab under the same name (as the members' page). When someone not registered tries to access it, it shows “404 - Page Not Found”. Is there a way to display a different message (i.e. “You must be a member of XXX to access this page”)?

  2. Is there a way to not display the members' page name (and the link) in the 'Information' block, where all other pages I created are? (the top menu tab would be enough). At the moment I have the same link in the top menu and the 'Info' block.

    Appreciate your help.

    Thank you again,


I dont think top menu tabs can be assigned to user groups.

The only thing we do is set up categories as in my previous post.