Packs, Cases, And Pieces

Hi all, I know I will need some custom code for this, I've already put in one request for a quote, but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has done anything similar already...

What I need is a way for each product to have the option of being entered in (a.) how it comes, i.e. pack or case etc. and (b.) how many pieces come in that actual pack or case. Ideally, I would also like to have the option to have pcs/packs/cases, so that some products could potentially have the option of purchasing cases of packs ( I hope this is clear).

As a separate issue, I would also like the ability to share stock between 2 stores, and have that shared stock reflected in each….however, the product codes would be different on the 2nd store from the first even though the inventory is the same. The 2nd site with the different product codes would only sell by the piece, as opposed to the first store which sells by the pack or the case. Is this possible?

Lastly (this one should be much easier!), does CS CArt 4 have the built in ability to print UPS shipping labels with bar codes, or does it still need an add on? If it needs an add on, what is the best option?

Thanks for any help!

No one?

Search the marketplace Susan, I think there's already an addon that will account for quantity type. I don't know who did it but I do remember seeing one (that doesn't mean it exists for V4).

Unfortunately, products can only have one product_code so there is a direct correlation to product_code and product. You can duplicate the product_code among products, but import/export will only find the first one.

I don't think you will be able to share a single product_id in 2 stores with different product_codes. Unless you used the option combinations. But then that wouldn't share inventory.

Shipping labels are not part of cs-cart. Again, suggest you search the marketplace or the forums for an addon to do what you need.

Shipping labels maybe this could be upgraded to V4

or alt team do this