Packing Slip

Is there a way to modify the packing slip so that it only contains the items that are remaining to ship? IE If we are partial shipping an order, the next time we print the packing slip it has all of the items on it, not just the remaining items.

The problem here is that you can set an order to “Shipped”. However, there is no means to set a product as “Shipped”.

This would require adding to the “products_data” table a “shipped” or “not shipped” flag, which would in turn require editing that field when something is shipped. This field, then, would need to be read by get orders function (probably have to override the hook) and then send that to the template so it know what not to populate.

This might be a mod, but would more likely be an addon.

Just wanted to let you know.

You can click the “New shipment” button in the product details to show the customer what has shipped and what is waiting to be shipped. You can then print a packing slip but you have to go to the mange shipments page to do this, it would be more convenient if it could all be done through the product details page - Sno

Good call, sno. Definitely thinking outside my little box.