Overview of SEO (SEF) Rules

Searching threads, here’s the rules as I understand them:

1] SEO rules depend upon cart version.

[SIZE=“1”]NOTE: Thread says go to Admin → Upgrade ->. Version. I don’t see “Upgrade” anywhere in Admin. Don’t know my version, but installed 1 week ago.[/SIZE]

2] When editing a product, I don’t have to put anything in the text box labeled “SEO”, the module will do this automatically. In fact, if I do enter something in the text box the module will override it anyway so it’s a waste of time.

3] Go to Admin → Settings and a page will pop up with a bunch of tabs. Clicking on the SEO tab presents structure options for resulting URLs. If settings are changed, wait several hours for changes to take place.

[SIZE=“1”]SETTINGS: (product name only, or manuf. name + product name, etc.[/SIZE]

4] If I upload a batch of new products, it make take 2-3 hours for SEO URL’s to resolve.

5] Import/Export: When exporting products, the field titled “SEO name” is exported along with other product fields. The SEO URL’s are listed in this field. If you are planning to edit some products and upload the changes, delete the “SEO name” field from your Import file. If you don’t, the module will think you are trying to override this field, even if you did not change any data in the field. Get rid of it to avoid problems.

[SIZE=“1”]It’s a good practice to delete all fields with no changes when Importing product updates. Just include PRODUCT CODE plus any fields with the changes.

For example, if updating prices just include PRODUCT CODE + PRICE FIELD in your update file.[/SIZE]

6] Replacements: All SEO URL’s are completely lower case. Spaces will be replaced with dashes.

Was hoping to get some clarification from experts on this. Lacking that, I’ll expand with some examples and questions.

Cart Version: [COLOR=“DarkOrange”]latest[/COLOR]

SEO SETTING: [COLOR=“DarkOrange”]manufacturer_name/product_name.html[/COLOR]

Example Manuf: [COLOR=“DarkOrange”]Skunkworks[/COLOR]

Example Product Name: [COLOR=“DarkOrange”]SW123 Cologne for Men[/COLOR]

Because of the SEO setting, you would expect to get the URL below if you leave the SEO field blank:


For some reason, the SEO setting is not working and yields this URL:


To correct this problem, you have to override the information placed in the SEO field automatically. You can put anything you want in the field and that will become the new URL.


Why doesn’t the SEO setting work?

Can I create my own SEO setting?

I tested the SEO settings and changed them to:


and everything worked right away, basically imediately.

It seems like you have a great understanding of how the SEO is supposed to work. I am not quite sure why this isn’t working for you though. When I changed my setting I didn’t change any of my products so maybe just try that.

Also make sure that the product you are testing actually has a manufacturer selected.

Hopefully someone else will have more knowledge of this and will actually be able to help you.


I feel kind of silly, but I did have Manufacturers turned off. That explains part of the issue. Playing with several different SKU’s, I tried various experiments.

First, I just deleted what was in the SEO field, and the results were:


I tried to get rid of “-1” after manufacturer name, but could not make it go away.

Next, I tried to override the information by adding some words in the field and came up with:


So it looks like you can override the information if you want to, or you can leave it blank and it will work either way. Just can’t get rid of “-1”.