Overriding Promo Code Mechanism


Is there any possibility I can override the mechanism of "Apply Promo Code" with my own ? I want to integrate a loyalty system and I want to use the same Apply Promo Code process. I could not find any hook for this process. If there is none, Would I be able to hide the apply promo code box using any option of I must edit the .tpl file ?



For example, use Gift Certificates module as example. It alters default Promo code functionality and adds ability to apply gift certificates and promo codes in one field

how can I change the message "The Promo code field is mandatory." as "please enter promo code"

please help me

I want to change this message like "[attachment=13347:screenshot-localhost-2018.07.12-11-47-30.png]Please enter Promo code"


Remove cm-required class from label and add new validator using cm-regexp class. Examples can be found here