Overriding An Addons' Block Templates


I want to create a new template for the banners "block" on my home page.

Currently, I can only select 2 options in the block's options:


Can I either override one of those 2 options, or, create a brand new template that will appear in that list?

I have tried creating a new file at this location (and modifying the top of the file for the template name), though doesn't appear in the dropdown after clearing the cache in the backend:


Could I do this with the 'my_changes' addon somehow?

I want to do it in a way which will not break if I update cs-cart.

All available templates are described in the schema which is located in the following file:


You can extend it with the My changes addon and add new template there.

To clarify to override that file it needs to be located in "app/my_changes":

"app/addons/my_changes/schemas/block_manager/blocks.post.php" works fine.

And thanks EcomLabs!

You are welcome!