I have a problem:


I have an addon overrides orders manage and details parts.

but I have an addon too there is a hook.

can I use hooks->addons->xxxaddon->overrides->views->order_management->components

or how to use it.

if I write hooks->orders->manage.override.tpl

and after that can I use that hook on the xxxaddon which overrides orders?

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I can't really decipher exactly what you're asking here.

If you have two separate addons, use the priority value in the addon.xml file.

The addon with the lowest priority should override the addon with the higher priority.

ie. priority = 100 will override priority = 200.

What version are you running?

[quote]can I use hooks->addons->xxxaddon->overrides->views->order_management->components[/quote]

I'm not familiar with this notation. it looks like you're describing a menu because if you were specifying a path, you'd use '/' instead of ' → '. But either way, not clear what you're trying to request.


I am using v4.

I have an addon,but I want to override some part of that addon via other addon.

nation is addons/xxxaddon…

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Using that path is not how you override a hook.

Suggest you read up on hooks and how to identify and use them, then come back with questions.

Path should be something akin to for {hook name=“index:hook_name”}: