Override prices in "Product configurator"

If someone is building a system I want to offer the individual bits slightly cheaper than if they were purchased separately.

I had the same problem, so I solved it this way :

I created a main category called BUNDLES

Then inside bundles category i’ve re-created the same categories as the main ones from the shop. (or at least the ones that are of interest for bundles)

Then cloned all products inside those new categories.

Added a B to the product code, just to help me out, and changed the prices acording to my needs.

Then I’ve hided the category BUNDLES and all the categories under it, so that they do not apear on the site (unchecking the available box). However products have to be available.

Then is just a question of going to the configurator and use the products that have been cloned to the categories under BUNDLE.

et voila…you have products in the site with one price, but in the configurator with a lower price.

I know, its anoying to duplicate the products, specially you have lots of them. But I was lucky. I studied CS-cart (and still learning)before starting the shop, and as I am starting now, I am doing everything from fresh.

no pain…no gain.

I hope it helps.



Interesting idea. I wonder if the user can click on the unavailable item, from within the shopping cart view.

I’ll check it out when I’m able.


OK, although it’s a start, it’s not a complete solution. Customers could add a bundle to the cart, then click on the link to the (unavailable) product in the shopping cart screen, and also add that to the cart. So if they removed the original bundle, they could still buy unavailable product at the lower price.