Overlapping Locations for shipping ?

I am trying to setup my shipping options properly.

This is what I am trying to do.


Europe (all countries in europe)

Worldwide (rest of the coutries)

Shipping options.



Before I added DHL it worked nicely. and this is how far I managed to get it up in ISC.

But now I would like to add the DHL Zones.

So I created DHL Zone 4 in Locations, like this

DHL Zone 4 (Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia etc…)

creating a new setup like this:


Europe (all countries in europe, incuding Spain, Greece etc…)

Worldwide (rest of the coutries)

DHL Zone 4 (Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia etc…)

Obviously this location overlaps with Europe created above.

I had hoped that a customer from Spain would see shipping like this:

  • Airmail (xx EUR)
  • DHL (xx EUR)

    But the only option showing is:
  • DHL (xx EUR)

    Is there a better way to set this up ?

    How have you done when you have 2 or more shipping options to locations like this ?

Locations need to be unique. I.e. no overlap.

Ah ok. Thank you.

I have to think of the best way to solve this then.

I am trying to set up the same now, did you get anywhere> At the moment I am send items up to 1900 grams Royal mail (airmail) but now want to start sending heavier stuff dhl or what ever can you give me any pointers please.