Out of Stock Products

I am trying to work out how to change the Out of Stock message on the product page to be a quantity box. That way my customer can see that there are 0 items in stock but can still order that item should they wish to do so.

I am no great coder and cannot work out which bit of code I would replace with what.

Any help much appreciated.

May be this post details will help you


Thanks for your help. That was the thread I looked at originally when trying to work out how to do it. It seems pretty close but I am unsure of what I would replace the code with to get a qty box there.

If you need help for changing the code either PM or email with you needs, we will suggest what you will need to do.

You will also have to select Zero price action: “Allow to add product to cart”.

Thanks smavtron. You post made my brain click into gear and I have done the following:

From the product_details.tpl file at the following lines of code:

{if $settings.General.inventory_tracking == 'Y' && $product.amount <= 0 && $product.is_edp != 'Y' && $product.tracking == 'B'}
{elseif $product.is_edp == 'Y'}
1 ({$lang.text_edp_product})



I removed most of the parts of the if statement so that I was left with:

I can now add a product to the cart even when there are zero in stock. Exactly what I needed.

Thanks for inspiring my brain to work :smiley: