Out Of Stock Products Keep Popping Up

I have a customer that is getting annoyed at the showing of out of stock items when he is on our website.

He originally had many items in his cart and later when he went to checkout some of those items were sold out. It shows a list of the out of stock items and took them off his cart.

He understood this could happen. but he was annoyed that after he placed his order and signed on again the next day that each of those out of stock items popped up on the screen and he had to

manually delete each of them. he says that they keep showing up when he signs in.

I added a screenshot he sent.

I have it set

allow negative inventory NO

low stock threshold -1

show out of stock products NO

I figured with these settings i dont get anyone ordering products that arent in stock and noone

can see items that arent in stock.

I remember when i was testing site before going online that i noticed something like this also .

Its great that there is a message tellign you which were out of stock but to continually see that screen

after you placed order is a little too much. Thinking its a bug or maybe theres a way to turn off the


Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.