Our humble site...

…[EDIT : site link removed, PM me if you need it]

My previous knowledge on doing websites consisted of FrontPage 2000. LOL So, I’m thankful I’ve made it this far with CS.

Be kind. :wink:

Looks very professional wwgreen, I was always wondering what you nickname meant lol

Normally, when I comment on a site I can find a few things to pick on…

So, why change the habit of a lifetime :wink:

Your Site looks great, Very neat, Professional and overall, CLEAN !!!

Theres only one single thing I personally dislike…

“Your descriptions being centered…” but thats just me.

Have you tried using the “Features” section to define a list of common features and then input the values as this would look neater and alos allow comparisons ???


Blooms : dates…

Tolerates : type of weather etc.

Grows : size / spread

etc etc etc

Just a suggestion, I think it would complete the site !

It would be nice to be able to compare a few plants, using the above will make this possible.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I realize it’s still lame compared to most, but as stated, I’m glad I am this far. As time permits, I will mod.

SWS - Sort of had to use the same lame html descrips from our old site (basic import) just to get up and running, but I will certainly be making it more readable and hopefully play with the features module. Thanks for the advice!

Quote : " I realize it’s still lame compared to most "

Im sorry, have to dis-agree with this, theres nothing lame about your site, even if you leave it as is it looks great.

Nice job! Very professional look.

One thing I’d like to know is how shipping affects the plants. If I ordered from New York do I get a guarantee on the the life of the plant? I would also like to see some articles. Not only for my edification but it would go a long way towards giving you an ‘expert’ appeal which is important for your validity.

You can also change your home page links to omit the index.php.

Wow, thank you again for your kind comments, everyone. Good advice.

roban - I have changed the “return policy” to “return / guarantee policy”… the info you would be looking for is found there, and also on the home page and in “about us”.

Not sure where to change the .php top navigation “home” link. The logo and top quick links are directing to index.html, but not the top nav “home” button. Haven’t found an Admin setting to change this, or does this need to be done within a template?

Thanks again!

Yes it’s all done in templates. I did it on my site but can’t give you a list at the moment.